Why Create a Website for Your Company?


Most business owners or corporate executives are skeptical about the value of a website to their company. They are saying that the ROI (Return On Investment) figures on the website are not warranted. Let me summarize some of my points of view on this particular issue:

  1. Website = Appearance / Shop Front of your business on the Internet

When it comes to launching a conventional business, everyone strives to make the nicest decorations for the shop front in order to attract the biggest number of customers. It is for this reason that you will need to do your best on your website in order to attract the greatest number of online customers. As a conventional business owner or manager, you may need to spend far more money on shop front refurbishment than on establishing a wonderful website (which may bring in more customers than your real store!).

Important note: Most customers nowadays will first try to understand your products and services through your website, and then only send in their request once they have enough trust in your company, so you will only get their contacts and discuss the specifics of their needs on your products and services.

  1. Website = “Always there” marketing materials to promote your products and services

To promote your business to possible consumer groups, you may need to print marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, posters, and so on and have them distributed by a marketing firm. Unfortunately, your potential customer who got these physical marketing materials from you may have misplaced them for any number of reasons. You know how we can’t have these tangible objects at our sides forever. As a result, you require your website not only to survive, but also to advertise itself indefinitely.

  1. Website = the greatest multi-task employee, works 24 hour non-stop for your business

Your website is your online salesperson. It advertises your business to the worldwide market; it assists in getting as many people as possible to understand your business using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. Your website also functions as an online customer service agent. It helps to answer your customers’ concerns, provide after-sales services, and improve your company’s reputation and connection with clients. Your website also serves as an online business culture disseminator. The design style and contents communicate your company’s distinct culture to customers.

  1. Website = Your virtual office place on the internet

The best internet is designed to provide a CONVENIENT, SWIFT, and ECONOMIC environment for communication. There is little question that we can now communicate with friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers, and others via the internet, whether locally or worldwide. We may also check on the sales records from the database instantaneously, reading the report that your investment consultant just completed and sent to you through email.

  1. Website = Online market surveyor for your business

You will be able to justify the market condition that favors your business type based on an examination of the source information of the visitor to your website. You may justify the influencing ability of your website by analyzing the quantities of unique visitors. Your website may also be utilized to give a questionnaire for visitors or clients to fill out so that you can better understand their needs.

  1. Website = Your real business in the real Internet world

Most people still believe that a website is simply an advertisement area where you may show some information and graphics about your products and services. If you believe what they believe, you will be led astray. A website is more than just a display banner on the internet; it is a genuine firm that operates virtually on the internet to serve your customers better than ever before.

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