Third Term Lesson Plan for Basic 7

Weekly lesson plans for Basic 7’s third term will be posted on this website. Keep this page bookmarked and open often to check for additions.

The notes are provided for your reference and are based on the learning methods available in the links below. As they complement one another, you may download the schemes as well as our lesson plan for Basic 7 for the third term.

Week 1

B7 Career Tech week 1

B7 Computing week 1

B7 English week 1

B7 GH Language week 1

B7 Maths week 1

B7 PE week 1

B7 Creative Arts and Design week 1

B7 RME week 1

B7 Science week 1

B7 Social Studies week 1


Week 2

CAD wk2

Career Tech wk2

Computing wk2

English wk2

Gh Lang wk2

Maths wk2

PE wk2

RME wk2

Science wk2

Social wk2


Week 3

B7 CAD Wk3

B7 Career Technology Wk3

B7 Computing Wk3

B7 English Wk3

B7 GH Lang Wk3

B7 Maths Wk3

B7 PE Wk3

B7 RME Wk3

B7 Science Wk3

B7 Social Studies Wk3


Week 4

B7 CAD week 4

B7 Career Tech week 4

B7 Computing week 4

B7 English week 4

B7 GH Lang week 4

B7 Math week 4

B7 PE week 4

B7 RME week 4

B7 Science week 4

B7 Social week 4


Week 5

B7 CAD week 5

B7 Career Tech week 5

B7 Computing week 5

B7 English week 5

B7 GH Language week 5

B7 Math week 5

B7 PE week 5

B7 Science week 5

B7 RME week 5

B7 Social Studies week 5


Week 6

B7 CAD week 6

B7 Career Tech week 6

B7 English week 6

B7 GH Lang Week 6

B7 Math Week 6

B7 PE week 6

B7 RME week 6

B7 Science week 6

B7 Social week 6

B7 Computing week 6

Week 7

B7 Science week 7

B7 Social week 7

B7 RME week 7

B7 PE week 7

B7 GH Language week 7

B7 Math week 7

B7 English week 7

B7 CAD week 7

B7 Career Tech week 7

B7 Computing week 7


Week 8

B7 CAD week 8

B7 RME week 8

B7 Science week 8

B7 Social week 8

B7 PE week 8

B7 GH Lang week 8

B7 Math week 8

B7 Computing week 8

B7 Career Tech week 8

B7 English week 8


Week 9

Computing Week 9

CAD week 9

GH Lang week 9

Math week 9

Science week 9

Social Studies week 9

English Language week 9

RME week 9

Career Tech week 9

PE week 9


Week 10

CAD Week 10

Career Tech Week 10

Computing Week 10

English Week 10

GH Lang Week 10

Math Week 10

PE Week 10

RME Week 10

Science Week 10

Social Week 10

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