7 Methods to Solve the Internet Light Red On Router

Have you ever wondered what the LED lights on your router mean? When the internet indicator becomes red, there is an issue with our internet connection that must be resolved as quickly as possible.

The article that follows will explain why the Internet is flashing red and what you can do to solve it.

What does it mean by Internet Light Red On Router?

Most of the time, our router’s lights are either off, flickering, or solid. The Internet light might be solid red, indicating that you do not have an internet connection, or it can flash red, indicating that you do. Then there’s a problem with the connection.

These issues must be resolved promptly, therefore here are some suggestions.

Step-by-Step Repair of the Red Internet Light

We’ve selected a few tried-and-true methods to assist you in resolving your Internet connection issue. Let’s begin with the easy ones.

  1. Check The Connection:

The wires and plugs might potentially be an issue. The red Internet indicator on your router may be on if there is a loose connection or a damaged cable. It is often enough for our chair to travel over the cable or bend it too much, causing it to be destroyed.

When we relocate our router or purchase new equipment, we may connect the wire to the incorrect port.

Each cable in our network, as well as both ends, must be thoroughly examined. If we suspect that a cable is causing the red Internet indicator, we must replace it.

  1. Power Issues:

If your router isn’t getting enough power or the electricity isn’t stable, it might be due to a faulty surge protector. If the red Internet light is caused by the surge protector, remove the power line from the surge protector and connect it into an electrical outlet.

After the router has been turned on, check the Internet light. If the light remains red, reconnect the router to the surge protector and go to the next remedy.

  1. Don’t Rush To Fix It:

Most of the time, this is a short-term issue that will resolve on its own in a short period of time. Given this, it is advisable not to rush through troubleshooting. Just wait a few minutes and watch what occurs. If the Internet light continues to flicker after a lengthy period of time, you might attempt the remedies provided.

  1. Restart Your Router:

The majority of our electronic problems may be resolved in this manner. We may use the similar concept to troubleshoot networking issues. Because the wireless router is critical to the network, we must restart it. This step clears the cache memory, which should resolve any software issues that are causing the issue.

Pull the router’s power cord out of the electrical outlet. After a time, reconnect the power cable. The router should boot up by itself. It would be preferable if you only had to wait a few minutes for the LED lights to dim. Then look again at the Internet light. It should be either depending on the kind of router or

  1. No WAN IP Address:

In rare cases, your WAN will not be assigned an IP address automatically. We should investigate to find out what’s wrong with the red Internet light.

This issue may be resolved via the router’s admin panel, therefore we must first learn how to log in to our router. The WAN settings may be found in either the Advanced or Network sections. You must also tick the option next to Automatic IP. If it isn’t, choose Automatic IP and click the Save button to save your selection. Check to see whether this resolved the problem.

  1. Is Your ISP Down?

When your ISP goes down for any reason, the red Internet LED on your router will most certainly be on. There might be a power outage, a technical issue, or network maintenance, among other things.

If we want to know if our ISP is down in our location, we may contact customer care or visit their website and check for a page labeled “outages” or “status.” We may also check this with downdetector.com.

If the power goes out in our region, we will have to wait until the issue is resolved. However, if there is no outage, the following steps should be taken.

  1. Contact Support:

So far, the answers you’ve seen should have helped you address the problem. However, if you’ve done everything and the problem persists, you should contact your ISP’s technical assistance.

Call them and inform them of the situation. They can reset your connection, notify you of a specific problem, or dispatch a technician to investigate the issue. If the technician verifies that the router is faulty and the one you’re currently using is still under warranty, you can expect to get a replacement.


We hope you were able to resolve the red Internet light on your router with the assistance of these options. It’s comforting to know that you can apply same remedies to additional issues with your internet connection.

If this occurs, you should attempt not to panic. Instead, do each step one at a time and always allow the router to fully start up before attempting another solution.

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