12 Reasons Why you Should Root Your Android Apps

Android is an open source operating system owned by Google which was owned by most of the people. As smartphone users of Android , we don’t have full access to explore the complete functionality and expert Modules which are in it. But by rooting your Android phone, you can access the root directories of your smartphones. Every smartphone manufacturer by default, will prohibit you to access root directories and restrict its users by locking the it, so that they do not damage or delete certain main files accidentally which inturn destroys the Functionality of your Android operating System. The same thing is done for the Company Provided Applications so that you cannot Uninstall or delete them from your Smartphone

12 Reasons your Android Must Be Rooted for
1.) Gaining Root Access.
The Main Advantage of rooting your Android is that you have permission for your root access. Many features, settings and applications that you will never use will only be burden for your Storage and make Caching more difficult. Gaining Root Access aloows you to customize your Android according to your liking Or delete the application.

2.)Installing Custom Roms.
There are many custom ROMs that provide a lot of unique features that you will not get from your default ROM. CyanogenMod, Lineage OS, Paranoid Android are some of the most popular custom ROMs that are available in the Market for Free and are popular among Android Developers. They provide better experience when you use your Android OS.

3.)Installing Custom Kernels.
Kernel is a software that bridges your operating system and your Mobile hardware. If you want to increase the volume of the music player, Android will not exclusively tell the speakers. But it will ask the kernel to pass it on. Then the kernel talks to the speaker so that it can sound louder. You can look for custom kernels that can improve performance and battery life.

4.)Backup Anything You Want.
Even without the need to be rooted, Android smartphones has been equipped with a backup feature. Moreover, there are hundreds of backup applications available on the play store that allow us to back up files whenever we want. However, if you are a gamer you cannot backup your game data exclusively from Android. But if you had Root Access you can use the Titanium Backup application which does this for you.

5.)Increase Battery Life.
Battery Life of our Smartphones can also be managed by ourselves without root. But the problem, there will always be some of the unused apps which are running in the background but Consume a lot of Battery. The Greenify application which can be installed after rooted, will automatically turn off those applications, saving more battery life.

6.)Remove default applications (Bloatware).
You can never delete the default applications of your Smartphone if your Android is not rooted. You can hide them or disable them, but still they will stay there and Occupy your internal memory. Link2SD is an application that you can use to remove those Default Applications one by one.

7.) Install Applications Into External Memory.
The thing that is most liked by those who have Android phones with limited internal memory is when using the Link2SD application. All applications and games can be installed and moved to the MicroSD.

8.) Remove Stock Android Skin.
The reason why Android must be rooted is that your smartphone customization can stand out from the rest of the Crowd. Change the appearance of your Android skin according to your wishes making sure that your Android looks more beautiful and cool than the Stock Design.

9.)Installing Incompatible Apps.
Have you ever gotten the warning “This app is not compatible with your device.”?. Thats Because Smartphone Operators will sometimes restrict certain applications that are considered competitive with their own applications. Even if it has been installed from the apk file. Restricted applications including regional boundaries will still run properly.

10.)Running Custom Applications.
Once your Android is rooted, you can run tons of special apps that require it to be rooted. Xposed Installer and Greenify are some of the apps which are mostly recommended apps after rooting Android.

11.)Tracking Stolen Android Even After Factory Reset.
If your beloved Android is lost or stolen it will be the most painful thing in your life. Cerberus is a tracking application that can get into the deepest systems on Android. It will still live and survive even though Android has been factory reset. The condition is that your Android phone must be rooted.

12.)Uncover Various Hidden Features.
Android phones are packed with hundreds of hidden features. But most of the Android users doesn’t know that. What’s more, they never try to access those many hidden features. One of them is playing games using a PlayStation controller stick.

Android smartphones are the most widely used mobile phones. Android will also be much more customizable when it is rooted. And that’s the reason why Android must be rooted.